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Photo from Wednesday July 31

I was walking home from class and then there were two deer. (:

The Iphone was faster but I was excited to get deer with our Raspberry Pi camera too.

I've been experimenting with many folded shapes to see what supports the camera function.

It's necessary to support the lens. I like my latest version.

These are ducks I got in the beginning before we reflashed SD card to minimize crashing.

This lily shape elevated the camera lens nicely and could slip in a pocket.

My ideas so far are:

1) Camera and battery in origami animal that stands on four feet and the camera looks out the eye.

2) Lego camera case to resist weather better

3) Camera that sits in origami boat made of waterproof material, need to retrieve with rope so far

4) Putting in the camera in a basic box gives protection and looks discreet.

5) Camera lens perched on the top of an origami chinese vase.

6) My favorite idea is the origami sculpture perceives the viewer and collects data and may play a sounds when approached, possibly the nature sounds that surround this animal, or the animal sound itself.

7) Origami Lily created a nice shelf for camera.

8) Camera is working well in an origami starbox where it uses a star piece to be an adjustable tripod.

Raspberry Pi camera noticed this origami animal in it's view easily. Was it the shape or more contrast?

Initial experiments embedding the Raspberry Pi board and battery in origami animal resulted in “hot” board.

Then we turned to a more hollow shape to give the board room to cool off.

It was exhilarating to embed the parts inside the origami animal in hidden pockets.

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