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My goal to combine creatures and computers was two fold:

1) Interactive origami that reacts to viewers. Animals in nature are reacting to viewers.

We created interactivity through capacitive touch, “feeling” viewer, ultrasonic sensor, “seeing” viewer,and copper origami being “touched” by viewer.

Watching viewers unexpectedly touch the origami and get a response was thrilling for them and me.

Notice my tshirt is from SparkFun (:

2) Using technology to imprint human concepts on origami animals that can return to nature.

The feng shui map was discovered on the back of a turtle. According to ancient Chinese legend, the numbers of the Lo Shu square were on the shell of a huge turtle that appeared from the river Lo. One wise man noticed the turtle and memorized the numbers on its shell.

Laser cutting all different kinds of materials. We decided the shiny surfaces might not interact with the laser cutter well. We had some results with steel mesh. The black paper with the gold on other side reacted well to the laser cutter and the gold looked pretty shining through.

Development for Interactive Dragon:

RedBoard from SparkFun was convenient with the pins already soldered in.


Because the origami dragon leverages aluminum as it's armature, capacitive touch was possible by copper taping the wires to the tail.

Conductive Origami:

Conductive Copper Origami animal hooked up to MakeyMakey to play keyboard command.

With keyboard command options, we were able to play a sound file on the laptop which felt like when you touched the copper animal it would make a sound. The buffalo made a gruff buffalo pawing sound. We also had success with connecting multiple animals so that we didn't need to close the circuit. Touching two animals would prompt the keyboard command.

Elephant Development:

The goal was to approach the elephant and have viewers perceive a sound coming from the elephant.

SparkFun Thing Plus - SAMD51 hooked up to Zio Ultrasonic Distance Sensor via a Breadboard.

Things Plus board was new to us.

I visited Tim in the ITLL lab yesterday to get any last minute parts we needed.

The sensor fits hidden in the trunk and the board slips easily up into the body hidden from viewers.

Elephant flat in the making.

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