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Bonnie Cherni

Bonnie Cherni is a local Boulder resident who founded Epic Origami. She engages a team of accomplished origami artists and innovative engineers to collaborate together to create fascinating origami exhibitions. Their mission is to raise awareness of endangered species with our animal and ocean sculptures while furthering Origami as an art form. Recent exhibitions include a 7.5 foot origami dragon install in front of Dairy Arts Center in Boulder (2019), a a full gallery installation at the Denver International Airport (2018), Waimea Ocean Film festival (2015-2019), ‘lmiloa Astronomy Center (2015), Keck Observatory (2014), and Kahilu Theatre (2013). Bonnie was hosted as Artist in Residence this summer at Caribou Ranch. Epic Origami is known for their larger than life origami installations in tandem with innovative teaching workshops across a multitude of venues to attract and excite audiences. Epic Origami sculptures vary from miniature to life size and are often made of exotic mediums such as aluminum, copper, and canvas. Epic Origami has been featured in magazines such as Hawaiian Airlines/Hana Hou, Alaska Airlines/ Alaska Beyond, and Ke Ola Magazine.

Fun Links:

This team gets an A for persistence. (:

Ellen is excellent at modular models.

I'm really impressed with this Kirigami and think it would be marketable in Santa Fe lamps. I love how they are connecting this to capacitive touch origami.

I enjoyed creating a fun pink elephant.

I considered putting an arduino inside and thought I will use the Chibi Chip instead.

You can see I was able to transfer the simple exercise of lighting up the led in the book to the origami animal. I kept the led inside the animal at the moment. I'm unresolved about having copper tape on the pink elephant outside. I'm happy the way the battery and the Chibi Chip fit into the origami animal hidden from the viewer.

I liked my silly mechanism on the shark to install the simplest electronic gimmick.

Electronics is new for me and I had fun exploring creating circuits with the kit below.

I'm exploring the turtles made with different mediums.

Beeswax cloth, Copper mesh, and laser cutting design on paper

I was very impressed with the perseverance of our class folding.

Everyone tried pushed their limits while having fun.

I like this cute cat!

Fern the frog made learning paper circuits easy.

I was happy the book explained that the wide part of the LED is positive while the bottom pointy part is negative. They made clear that electricity falls from high (3V) to low (Ground). That's what turns on our LED.

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