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Radical Design Progress

My Nature Camera

Camera Parts:

It will be going into the humming bird feeder and also into a plastic back hopefully that will reduce water from getting into the technology. It will also be glued to the side so that even when the liquid goes down the camera will not be disturbed.

Camera Placed in Nature:

Did not take pictures of it outside. But Looking at images captured can be inferred how it was set up. This is the camera trap and it was pointed at the bird feeder.

Image Captured by Camera:

(The Camera sat outside for 2 hours but captured nothing except for humans moving stuff around. From what I can conclude was that hummingbirds truly like hanging feeders.)

Other Ideas:

One is an improved humming bird feeder trap cam. It will be attached to a window to reduce movement and getting knocked over and the humming bird feeder will have a feet stand.

- Fish spy that will look at fish from below and will suction to bottom of tank to make sure it does not lift.

- Roly Poly Spy is a camera put into the ground and will be on the same level as bug. Hopefully is a 360 camera.

- Seed Cam attached to feeder to capture birds coming in and eating.

- Butterfly observer. Can attach to multiple different surfaces that hold water or fruit.

- Lake Cam which will look down into the water in a bubble and will try to look at fish coming up to the service. It also will mimic a lily pad to give security.

-Fising rod cam that allows the camera to be sent out into the water and reeled back in while taking pictures. This will mostly used for koi fish.

- Blue Trap that will activate when dog enters room.

- Dead cam. Can be placed next to a dead body or put into the ground and will watch and activate when scavengers show up.

- Dog Toy trap. Will activate when feeling movement and ill take 360 pictures.

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