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For my Final Project I have created a backpack for the specific purpose of bringing origami into nature as well as art. Art including sketches, glue from sap and pens, pencils, paints possibly as well. The point of the backpack is for it customization aspect. If you wish to bring art into it by origami, then it can do it, it can also take nature back with a customized flower press. Below are the sketches that I created for the backpack as well as the list of different aspects of the backpack.

Different from a regular backpack -

- Hidden pocket for easy access to board. As well as hook for securing the board to the packpack.

- Side pocket for easy access to paper on inside of backpack.

- Winged for easy access to tools.

The wings also have snap sticks inside for curling and storage effect.

- Many velcro parts for customization. As well as snaps on front to be attacked to other neccesarries.

- Fannypack for small pins and other art supplies

- small yoga pack for sitting comfortably.

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