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Fake flowers I found that looked like they could be lit up, I found many similar at Walmart and Michaels.

Craft videos on how to make flower lamps I searched for online, there are many types and lots of helpful tutorials on YouTube. My favorite ones with clear helpful instructions were by EzyCraft.

EL wire which I considered using for my project to make a light up flower, however I decided to use an LED instead since it would provide a much brighter light so the flower lamp could be used practically.

More flower lamps, this one using origami.

A wire jewelry design I considered using to make a lamp shade, this was the inspiration for my prototype flower lamp I made out of 3D printer filament.

Leaf shade canopies I used as inspiration, the one above is from Ikea and below I found on google.


An origami flower I made that I considered making on a larger scale as a lamp shade.

I made this prototype of a flower lamp using leftover 3D printer filament (PLA), which I shaped by hand by heating it with a lighter.

This was my prototype of the leaf shade, I made it by cutting a leaf shape out of an old pizza box, and then tracing it 3 times to hand cut out a total of 4 leaves. I then pinned them at the base to a pencil eraser. For the opening and closing mechanism, I placed them where I wanted them to sit in the open position, and used a needle and thread to tie the edges together in that position, leaving extra thread at the two edge leaves. This way, when you pulled back on the threads it spread open the leaves, and when you pulled them forwards, it closed them.

Final Product

This is the video link I used to get the flower petal template: There's a picture of the video above.

I laser cut the flower petals and leaves using templates I found online, the links for those are posted under the video which I linked above.

I curled the outer half of each petal by rolling them around a highlighter marker.

I cut card card stock into circles to form the base (here I used leftover scraps from the poster board I made the leaves from for the middle pieces you won’t see, and matching light blue card stock for the outside pieces). I used a 3D printer spool to trace my circles, and which is about 6” in diameter.

After hot gluing all the layers together (I used about 5 or 6), I marked the center, and cut out a rectangular hole big enough for the prongs of the LED plug to fit through. Then, I drew lines over my circle like a pie, dividing it into 6 separate sections (60 degrees each) so I could align the 3 rings of 6 flower petals.

I used hot glue to attach the petals one by using the marks I made on the circular base, and working from the innermost layer out. This way I was able to ensure the lamp would fit in the innermost ring of petals.

The fully assembled flower lamp being tested.

This is the fully assembled leaf shade. The stand is made out of bendable plumbing line, the leaves are laser cut poster board, which are supported by wire frames and pieces of wood (similar to a paint stick), with spacers made of wood and washers between each leaf assembly.

Here’s the link to the wiki file where you can see the video showing my project, and the circuit using a photoresistor to adjust the brightness of an LED using an Arduino Uno Maker Kit:

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