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Week 2 Documentation

Tuesday 7/16:
- Received hardware to begin assembling our MyNatureWatch cameras
- Components include Raspberry Pi, NoIR Camera V2 (for Raspberry Pi), micro SD card, AiBOCN battery
- Downloaded the necessary software online, uploaded it to the micro SD via an application called Etcher, inserted micro SD into the correct port on the Raspberry Pi
- Once the power source is connected the Raspberry Pi takes about 60 seconds to boot up and initialize its own WiFi network, which in my case was called 'naturewatch6' with the password 'radicaldesign'

Wednesday 7/17:
- Began to assemble the MyNatureWatch camera
- Successfully connected to the Raspberry Pi's WiFi network but no feedback from the camera, possibly an issue with either the camera itself or the ribbon cable connecting the camera and Raspberry Pi
- The Raspberry Pi can be ruled out as the broken component because it is succeeding in running its own WiFi network

Thursday 7/18:
- 10 ideas: - Somehow situate the NatureCam to pick up packs of raccoons that inhabit the sewers of Boulder.
- Create an enclosure that is robust enough to endure wet environments and strategically place it to capture turtle activity.

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