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We wanted to create an origami model of a pond biome that included water, flowers and animals (frogs, birds, and insects). Some of those sculptures will be connected to sensors and micro-controllers which will play sounds or light LEDs up when activated.

Code for making sounds with makey makey is at

Some images of the objects:

A butterfly:


Leaves are very simple to fold, and the final result is convincing.

A frog:


Roberto: “Devising a technique to fold paper curvilinearly was one of the most interesting aspects of the workshop for me. The method requires to create a crease with some sort of sharp object on one side of the paper, and then do the same on the other side. This produces a mountain-valley-mountain-valley alternation that then allows you to fold the paper creating the desired wave patterns.”

A flower:

a general view of the work:

testing sounds:

Finished work:

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