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Radical Design consists in creating programmable and interactive objects not only inspired by ecosystems but compatible with them. Instead of using plastic or lithium batteries for example, we investigate how to algorithmically reconfigure living systems and craft reactive shape-shifting devices that can be actuated with mist, sun and eventually compost.

Based on the Radical Atoms vision by Hiroshi Ishii, we concretize it with bio-compliant materials such as leaves, paper or wood branches and techniques like organic 4D printing and parametric folding (programmable origami and kirigami).

Radical Design is also inspired by experimental designers in italy (superstudio), uk (archigram), usa (papanek) and poland (wodiczko) in the 60's who argued that good design is symbiotic with nature and culture.

Since the 8O's, Interrogative Design workshops invite artists to create objects intended to be put in public space in cities to question our relationship with it. In the same spirit, we aim at inviting designers to question the impact of their practices while pushing them to radically new interaction paradigms based on programmable environments and active matter.

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