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Radical Folding Workshop

Dates: 11/09 & 11/10, 11/16 & 11/17, open studio during the weekdays


In this week-long Interactive Origami workshop, participants will create interactive systems using electronics and foldable structures. In addition to build their own DIY sensors and actuators, they will learn to connect physical origami and kirigami objects to computers in order to control simple animations and sound and also how to animate their physical creations with light and motion. The goals of this workshop are to get familiar with folding in the context of electronics and also to experience different techniques (conductive ink, led stickers, copper circuits) that are essential for interacting with these kind of materials. At the end of the workshop, participants will exhibit their creations and show live demo of their interactive works.


Jb: , Daniel: , Bonnie:

Office Hours

Detailed Course Schedule

 Buffalo Origami Sculpture by Bonnie Chernie


1. Paper Generator Annika, Henry
2. Feed Mouth Food Caroline, Elsa, Anna
3. Paper Pond Julia, Roberto, Isaac, Hyerin
4. Kirigami TBD Lisa, Brooke
5. Kinetic Origami Ellen, Kellie

Course Members

Course Information

Times: 11/09, 11/10, 11/16, 11/17: 10am - 5:30pm in ATLAS BTU Lab 11/11 - 11/15: Flexible Times Open Studio in ATLAS THING Lab

Enrollment: This class is open to anyone. CU Boulder graduate students should enroll in ATLS 5519, undergraduate students in ATLS 4519, and non-CU Boulder students should email for instructions.

Instructors: Jean-Baptiste Labrune, Senior Lecturer, Sciences Po Paris; Daniel Leithinger, Assistant Professor, ATLAS Institute, CU Boulder, Bonnie Cherni, Origami Artist (Boulder/Hawaï)

Who Should Take the Class?

The course is designed for anyone with interest in art, design, fabrication, coding, electronics, filmmaking, sculpture and making of all types. Students will learn novel design processes, build prototypes, create art and tell stories. Students will have many opportunities outside class meeting times to work with faculty and other students fabricating in the 24/7 open studio.


Course material will be documented and shared in an open-source fashion and potentially considered for publication in relevant conferences.

radical folding materials

radical folding material - old list


  • folding paper
  • folding other materials -
  • folding permeable materials
  • polymerization of materials
  • inflatable paper (mini pumps)
  • simple electronics for children
  • DIY sensors
  • Copper Tape for fabrics
  • JieQi - Chibitronics - Circuit Stickers
  • Sofia Rubio Topete undergrad with mCor Paper printer


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