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Summer's My Nature Camera

Camera Parts

 Here is my assembled nature watch camera. Components include Raspberry Pi zero, RGB Camera (for Raspberry Pi), micro SD card, and a usb battery pack. I used an old waterbottle as my initial enclosure.

Camera in its natural habitat

Here is a photo of the assembled camera in the ally near where I used to live.

Image from Camera

Here is the view from that position. Unfortunately I have yet to capture any animals.

Part Two

Sketch Ideas for further iterations

Duck boat camera

This idea is for a remote control boat which will carry bird feed and film ducks swimming in their natural habitat.

Squirrel radio

This idea is for a recording/playback box to communicate with squirrels. The idea uses a microphone and speaker for recording and playing squirrel noises in an attempt to capture their reactions on camera.

Floating water camera

This flotation device around a water tight camera housing which allows the camera to stabilize and take picture of things bellow the surface of a body of water.

Greenhouse grow cam

This idea uses the camera to document the growth of seeds. The camera would be built into a greenhouse enclosure and would use temperature and moisture sensors to give feedback on the plants environment to the user.

Hanging tree cam

The first idea in this image is a hanging box enclosure that used motion sensors to decide when to start recording. The idea is to capture squirrel and bird behavior.

Tiny Car

This idea uses a small chasy and plastic enclosure to make a small car. The car will have to motors and two noise sensors. My plan is to map the sound sensor readings to move the car towards something making noise. Alternatively a remote control could be used to position the camera in an optimal photo spot.

Underwater Observation Cam

This idea uses a water tight housing and light sensors to capture life underwater. This invention would be especially helpful in determining if an area has fish before fishing,

Nest Cam

This idea was inspired by a bird nest I found on my balcony. The enclosure would have a domed top to prevent water damage and noise sensors to activate the camera.

Coon Catcher

Recently I've noticed a family of racoons run around my next door apartment complex. The camera would be in a low key cardboard box and would use motion sensors to take pictures of any creatures that pass it.

Camo Ground Cam

This camera would be built into a short box which would be covered with leaves, greenery or grass. The camera would point upwards and be placed underneath a tree that had a lot of squirrel or bird camera. The box would have motion sensors to determine when to take pictures of passing animals.

Photo Update from 7/20 in Saratoga Wyoming

I took this photo using the nature camera while visiting a natural hot spring that flows into the Platt River in Saratoga, WY.

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