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Xiang Luo's My Nature Camera:

Camera parts: Raspebrry pi, camera module, heat diffuser, tape, clear container with lid, portable charger and charging cable.

Camera placed in nature:

On the ground, facing towards glass.

Image captured by the camera:

Unfortunately, no animal is captured. The picture appears to be having a pink tone.

Things that potentially can be improved:

Location of placement: the camera was placed on the ground, resulting its limited ability to see nothing but animals that lays on the ground, like rabbits and occasionally birds.

Range of the camera: As it is tested, the camera range is fairly limited, it would be better if 360 video camera or camera with similar larger range is to be used.

Bait: Potentially bait could be used to attract animals to get closer to the camera, which is similar to the idea of bird feeder project on My Nature Watch.

Pink photos fix: The cause of pink photos could be due to the stuck of IR filter (if there is one) such that it's not properly shut off. In order to solve that, "Use a strong magnet and make a sweeping motion over the lens of the camera" or "turn the camera on and place it in a dark room with no windows, like a bathroom, then flip the light on."

Nvm, it's caused by the lack of the IR filter, and it can be solved by adding on IR filter.

10+ ideas for camera(be aware, some of them seems crazy :)

No.1 Ants Cam

Ants Cam is a tiny camera that camouflages itself as a random piece of food, which essentially attracts ants to attempt to carry it back to its colony. When it settles in ants colony, it'll start taking photos within or livestream the video of what ants' home is like without interrupting too much.

No.2 Balloon Cam

Balloon Cam is a camera that ties onto a big ballon. It first starts with a relatively small size, on the ground, to capturing things at a low level. As more and more air is being pumped into the balloon and its process of flying towards the sky, the camera would auto-captures photos of the view on the ground. When all the pictures are put together, you might be able to see a rough version of the video that we watched in class, of which demonstrates a effect of zooming out of Earth.

No.3 Camera at the back of head

Camera at the back of head is a camera designed to be carried on the back of someone's head. It detects when people are approaching you from the back. It's great to prevent thieves who are picking your pockets.

No.4 Christmas tree cam

Christmas tree cam is a camera that's placed in a enclosure that's to be hang on a tree like a Christmas ornament. It may easily attract creatures like little children, hence it might be teared off from the tree. Another variance of such a camera could be a beehive camera, that's placed at same location, on a tree, but less likely to be manually “destroyed” on purpose.

No.5 Dog's view cam & No.6 Stop sign cam

Dog's/cat's view cam is a camera that's embedded onto a pet's collar, enabling the animal lovers to see what their pet has interacted with throughout the day, or to see what troubles they made and things they break. It operates based on a sound detection system, that takes picture when there's a high pitched sound, and that's how you can distinguish which one of your cats broke the plate when you are home seeing the mess.

Stop sign cam is a camera that's hidden within a stop sign, it takes a picture when detecting a car that's still running at 40 miles/h and doesn't bother to stop. But don't worried, s/he would be remembered by the shutter.

No.7 Don't touch my stuff cam & No.8 Fishing cam

Don't touch my stuff cam is a camera that faithfully guards your stuff. With its bold sign of saying staying away, anyone who trespasses will be recorded.

Fishing cam is a camera that has a control in the shape of fishing rods with a waterproof part hooked at the end to contain the camera. If you're bad at catching fishes but enjoys sitting at a lake and do nothing, this is perfect for you. It features a real fishing rod with bait that you can use for regular fishing. But in addition to that, due to its capacity of live streaming, you can see if you are almost getting the fish without scaring it away.

No.9 Robot fish cam

Robot fish cam is another camera whose specialty is underwater photography. If you are too lazy to use the fishing cam, this camera would be great for you. It features a fully self-operated robot fish that would be wandering around the lake throughout the day, and it takes multiple photos based on timers. You can just be laid out on your back while the fish is exploring.

No.10 Teletubbies cam & No.11 Bamboo copter cam

Inspired by the architecture presented in Teletubbies, Teletubbies cam also follows the same aesthetics of creating the seamless green look that blends into the environment and making it a great hidden camera to capturing wild animals.

Bamboo copter is a toy that originated from China in 400 BC. It's a “toy helicopter rotor that flies up when its shaft is rapidly spun” according to Wikipedia. Because of its simple construction and minimum requirement of material, it could be easily made in the jungle. Bamboo copter cam is a product of attaching camera to a bamboo copter, extending the user's ability to take photos in the sky when a drone is not available. Also, it would be simply fun when you are lost in the wild, just spin a bamboo copter, just follow its lead to hopefully it's the right way to go.

For any one who scrolls this far down, here's a bunny for you! : )

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